Art as food

My posts have always included original content and not just a link to other content. However, I enjoyed this video and so I am being modern and ‘sharing’.

It is a promotional video for a 3-Michelin-starred restaurant in Madrid (DiverXO; chef David Muñoz). The Spaniards seem to remain in the vanguard, in this case again blurring food and art (both culinary and visually).

I think this is relevant beyond the promotion; eating is more than food. Eating is more than a multisensory experience even. Expectation, nostalgia, fear, memory, disgust, familiarity and probably just about everything else make a contribution to the experience of eating (when it is an experience).

But – I think there is another message here too. It reminds us that we belong to the Animal Kingdom, we are not something separate. Our vanity loudly proclaims we are special; our biology quietly tells us otherwise. Food is primitive and we are still instinctive. This becomes apparent when we are given the opportunity, in this case by food, to forget our vanity and embrace our primal.

DiverXO [short film // English version] from m.Ortiz on Vimeo.