Parmesan-crusted scrambled egg omelette

The video (from Lennard Young) shows a simple but effective method for an omelette that I only recently became aware of (but that might be widely known to others). It is excellent. Three layered textures and flavours: crispy parmesan outer crust holding a simple egg omelette encasing a decadent scrambled egg centre. Plus, it’s a one-pan dish. My implementation, as well as a home-cured bacon accompaniment, are described below the video. Variations are endless.

Scrambled eggs: Make this as decadent as you can. For one person I use 2 eggs, and about a tablespoon each of buttermilk (or milk), cream (or creme fraiche), butter (in small dice), cheese sauce (maybe 2 tablespoons, home made), chives and salt. The aim is to delay the set of the scrambled eggs and produce a rich, creamy scrambled egg. PS: Cheese sauce – melt cheese (or cheeses) of choice with 4% by-weight of sodium citrate (e.g. from here). Mix with liquid (milk, light stock, water, light beer) to get the desired consistency. An example: 100g cheese, 4g sodium citrate, 50-100g milk. Always handy to have a pre-made tub of this in the fridge.

Omelette: 1 egg, beaten (I don’t bother with seasonings – there’s flavour everywhere).

Parmesan: I use parmesan grana padano, which is a fraction of the price of parmesan parmigiano-reggiano and perfectly fine for this application. I cheat and use pre-grated cheese (but from a reputable source).

Serve with home cured bacon.


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