This ‘image map’ contains the posts that make up 6XC. The map is laid out so that the more practically-oriented posts (brining, marinating etc) are in the bottom left hand corner. As you go to the right the posts become more scientific and informative (health, safety, molecular), as you go to the top they become more curious (history, anthropology, quirky). The five most recent posts have been given a background colour. The image is expandable.

The arrangement of the posts is not strict though, as posts integrate multiple themes.

The posts on sous vide are not included in this image map. For the latest information on sous vide, download the introductory PDF/eBook. You can see the individual posts, however some information has been superceeded by the book.

If you are using a mouse pointer, then holding the mouse over a post-title pops up a description. Click and it takes you there. The popup description was to expand the necessarily brief titles before selecting the full post, however the method doesn’t suit touchscreen devices.

I hope this idea helps navigate the site, especially for new visitors.


64 thoughts on “ALL POSTS

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