Subscribe option

There is a new subscribe option in the right sidebar.

If you choose to subscribe, a one-off email will be sent asking you to activate your subscription. Please be aware that this email may go to your spam folder, depending on settings. You might like to allow

Thereafter, whenever a new post is uploaded, a newsletter-like email will be sent (with ‘New content @6XC’ in the subject line) that contains a brief summary of the post and a link if you are interested to read more.

Here is an example of what an email might look like (announcing this new subscription post):



An email will only be sent when a new post is uploaded, not when previous posts are edited, pictures are added to the portfolio etc. This is to ensure that emails are not sent for minor changes in content. I seem to be averaging a new post about once a week these days.

You can easily unsubscribe or edit your subscription using the links at the bottom of the email.