Summer Menu 2016

About once a year, in summer usually, I go to a bit of trouble to cook a dinner for various friends. This year it was  a 9-course menu, with a loose theme. The first and last courses were eggs in an eggshell though, just to bookmark the experience. Links to previous years are in the main menubar under ‘MENUS’. This year’s is here.

It was prepared, cooked and served by myself without assistance. The kitchen was under control throughout. I mention this because working ‘clean’ in the kitchen is an important element for success and for de-stressing.

Even for everyday cooking, working clean makes the whole experience much more pleasurable. I know, because often I don’t, so I have experienced the consequences!

As a rule of thumb, don’t start something until you have finished the previous something. Don’t serve a course before cleaning up after the previous course. Etc.

Even professionals work clean and systematically. This video from chef steps might help.